Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Lower the Water Level

Flora, my painting instructor, tells us to imagine that we all have connected roots (so to speak) hidden

below the water.  She has encouraged us to lower the water level to show more of ourselves -- 

that is, our authentic selves.  So, my friends, I'm lowering the water level here by telling you 

I have experienced all kinds of emotions in this class.  At several points, I could hear my

inner critic telling me I really am not a painter.  I took the time to look at my paintings hanging

on the wall to remind myself that, in fact, I am a painter.  

When I look at these paintings still pretty much in the beginning stages, I have to keep telling myself to

 trust the process.   I have to tell myself very loudly, because it's easy to get

discouraged.  I've never painted like this.  It is at once freeing and discouraging.  That's because I'm

expecting them to look like something!

I've been really hesitant to post these images but today I'm lowering the water level and

just baring my self/paintings for all to see.  She used a quote from Dr. Seuss --

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind” -Dr. Suess

I think that puts things in perspective, doesn't it.

I'm adding another layer or two today.  

Have a beautiful, peaceful, happy day!  You deserve it.


jacki long said...

Good for you Marilyn!
I can tell you are enjoying the process and getting great results. So happy for you! Keep it going!

Rosemary Aubut said...

Great post I really enjoyed reading it! As an artist I understand all the fears that go along with the title! Break through and break out you have done this so well! Happy painting!

Pink Tree Studio said...

The words that come to mind when I look at your paintings, Marilyn, are Energy and Exuberance!

Caryl said...

Yes you are an artist, your work has always been enjoyed by me... continue discovering.

Caryl said...

Marilyn, I truly believe in synergy. Around the world thousands of people are expressing themselves in just this way... so am I.. and I think what we are expecting is some neat little realistic painting that could hang in a gallery, earn us lots of money and be as boring as anything. We are all being shaken to the roots to let all the dead leaves fall for the new ones to appear. I love what you are doing... and I will be watching from the sidelines to see where you go. ;o)

Evelyn said...

I think your artwork is colourful and beautiful ~ well done you for being so adventurous!