Friday, May 10, 2013

Splash Masks

Jerry from Shadowhouse Creations has the most gorgeous textures and gives them away.  His latest is a collection of 
"Splash" masks.  You can go here to download
them.  Thank you, Jerry.
Here is my first edit using one of these new masks. I set it off with
a border from
Cool?  He gives you the instructions too. I can see endless possibilities for using these.  As he says, you can use
more than one mask and play with blend 
modes and opacities to your heart's content.
Have a happy Mothers Day with Mom or whomever this week-end.


Jacki Long said...

Wow! I love this and will download and use this as soon as I get caught up. Your granddaughter is a beauty and I'm sure she will love this too! Great job Marilyn!

Reena Walkling said...

That is pretty cool. Many ways to use his mask.