Thursday, August 28, 2014

Art District Grunge

Today I skipped the gym and gave myself permission to just play around on the computer.  I first did a black and white adjustment.
  I had the urge play with split toning, but instead I added a texture from Pixel Dust Photo Art…Bonnie calls it "Oh the Joy of Being".  Since it is two different colors, it gave me the look I wanted.  I always play around with blend modes and filters and I did that here as well.  I finished it off with a film strip border.
I don't feel the least bit guilty for skipping the gym!  Doesn't take a lot to make me happy!
~ calm ~


Jacki Long said...

Really lovely, Marilyn!
I love the colors and the border.
Really a super composition!

smiles, Sharon said...

HI..thanks for dropping by my erratic blog...I have enjoyed going through many of your postings. First you are a "class junkie!" Looks like you are really enjoying your Face projects...they look fantastic. You do amazing things with your textures and filters. You always the sculpture that you changed via close up and lots of different filters. Fantastic. And KUDOS for your landscaping project, which is an understatement. Your succulents, etc are totally amazing. You were so wise to do this and your yard is much more interesting than plain green or brown lawn. What a lot of work and research. Your climate is perfect. You will be able to photograph forever just in your own yard. Tell hubby how impressed I am. The best to you andy our many projects. smiles: sharon