Sunday, August 17, 2014

Going for 100 Faces

I love faces so much and have been playing around with them for some time.  I've taken several online classes….Jane Davenport, Sharon Tomlinson, Dina Wakley and Julie Fei_Fan Balzer.  I've decided the only way I'll get really good at it is to take Dina's challenge to do 100 faces.
So here are a few more

Right now I'm enjoying playing with backgrounds in my journal and drawing over them with a Stabilo All pencil.  I won't bore you with the really "bad" ones.  As Dina says, "If you draw a face and it's not good, just turn the page and do another one - you are the boss of your art!" Rest assured I have turned a few pages.  That's the nice thing about working in a journal.  It's there for practice.  I can show it or not.   Now if I can just get control of these spray inks.  I seem to get them everywhere but where I want them…mainly my hands.   
~ calm ~


Jacki Long said...

I wast to see all 100!

Gail Pierce said...

wow! these area awesome! Can't draw for beans . . .so, I'm jealous!