Friday, November 14, 2014

Gather Sunset Beach - Part One

My friends, seems like forever since I last posted.  I was getting ready for, and then attending, the first "Gather" hosted by Kim Klassen and Xanthe Berkeley.  Yes, all the way from Canada and England respectively.
We stayed in a beautiful home on Sunset Beach.  
As Kim said it did look like the house from the movie "Something's Gotta Give"……huge with so much light….great for photographers.  Kim and Xanthe were an integral part of the group….no structure…..just laid back fun.  Xanthe took some of us to do portrait shots, and Kim helped others with still life setups.  We spent a lot of time on the beach doing shoots…..the weather was fabulous!
Sunsets were gorgeous.  
Tracey Clark of Shutter Sisters stopped in for a couple hours.  She lives down the road in Huntington Beach.
L to R….Lynne and her sister Suzee, Tracey, Laura, Carolyn and Kim.
The light was so wonderful in the early morning and late afternoon.  Just look at the way it makes these beautiful faces glow!

From top left to right….Myriam, Danielle, Kristina, and Carolyn.
Myriam and her friend Alisha were the facilitators and what an incredible job they did to make our stay a true experience!  I'll post Alisha's pic tomorrow.
The beautiful freestanding "window" with the word "create" was created by Myriam.  We had a craft room and gathering room on the third floor which had its own kitchen too.  We set up still lifes all over that floor but also all over the house.  We even did a still life of a sunflower in the laundry room.  Xanthe did a portrait shoot of me sitting in the window on the second floor.
We had a marvelous dinner Monday night - giant crab legs and sea bass.  Yum!  
Myriam and Alisha did marvelous lunch spreads for us every day.  The last day we had a brunch of pancakes and eggs with Mimosas.  Thank you, Myriam, you and Alisha were wonderful!
Here's Xanthe creating a flowing scarf for a shoot…
and Lynne and Kim having a serious discussion.
More tomorrow as I have pictures on two different computers and my smart phone.  
I'm just learning the nuances of my Macbook Pro……and thank you, Laura for spending tons of time teaching me Instagram.  Kim was great working with me on my Lightroom shortcomings.  Thank you, Kim.  Lookout world, here comes the technology wizard LOL!!
This gathering of kindred spirits was so far beyond my expectations, I'm missing everyone already. 
Stay tuned for more. 


Jacki Long said...

What a wonderful event for you Marilyn!
So happy for you, and a bit jealous too!
Anxious to see more!

Prairie Jill said...

Sounds like a wonderful gathering. And the weather looks wonderful, too!