Thursday, August 02, 2012

Blog Buddies

 This week was an in-person week.  I finally got to meet two of my blogging buddies, 

Geri and JenEve

Geri lives about an hour away, so we met Monday at a delightful mediterranean restaurant sort of at the

half-way mark.

She has me so excited about iPhonography, I've finally made the decision to buy an iPhone.  I'm

waiting, however, to see if Apple introduces a new one in September.  I've waited this long.....what's

another couple months.  We talked non-stop for a couple hours and discovered that we have much

in common.  We had one of the wait staff take our picture and unfortunately, the exposure is not the

 best, but here we are in all our glory!  You can find 

Geri's blog Eat Paint Learn here.  I love all her tips and tidbits of information both on diet and techie

blog stuff.

JenEve and I met this morning for coffee at Starbucks.  She lives about 10 minutes from me.  We met in  
the Behind the Scenes class that Kim Classen and Xanthe Berkeley are teaching.  Our creatiive

journeys are similar.  She is a delightful person to talk with.  We chatted about mixed media, camera

   gear and Photoshop.  She has attended many art retreats.  I was excited to hear that she  did a 

workshop with Flora Bowley, one of my favorite  artists. You can find JenEve's blog here

And here we are together.  

 JenEve and I talked about doing a photo walk together.  

I hope I'll get to spend more time with my in-person blogging buddies!


Geri said...

I'm really envious of the lovely photo of you and JenEve!!! You certainly had a wonderfully social week! Such a nice memory of our meeting and I know it won't be our last!

Roxi -Coppercurls Designs said...

Girl, you are so lucky to have found these gals.

Anonymous said... actually were able to meet some of the gals...totally jealous too!☺
Laurie @ Pride in Photos