Monday, August 27, 2012


This past week I worked on patterns and textures.  This image is my entry for Texture Tuesday.

This week there is no theme - just "free and easy" as Kim calls it.

I used my custom ginko brushes and a texture or two.  Those of you who know 

me, know I collect Buddhas.  I shot this photo at my friend's home on her patio.

There's always a sense of peace and tranquility that goes with the Buddha.

I also dabbled in making my own patterns, and one of the things I'm learning in Ann Passmore's class is 

how to make my own patters and also how to use them.

Here's a sampling of textures I made.

 I put several images together and used pieces I

cropped from the main image.  I tried all different

blend modes

I did the famous Xanthe circle here and added

some text for fun.

Then I took my original

and cropped a bit of it so the main flower would be the focal point.  I selectively added pieces of pattern 

to different areas and pumped up the saturation to get this.

Won't you stop in at Kim's linky party and enjoy some various works of art?  Better yet, join in the fun.

I've learned so much from Kim and other wonderful teachers.



ormbunke said...

Underbart arbete du har tillverkat.Ha de gott.

Sylvia said...

Lovely image, beautifully textured, Marilyn !
Nice pattern work too !
Thanks for your lovely comment on my guest post !
Have a nice day,

Linda Makiej said...


...very lovely work!!

Rosemary Aubut said...

Wow you are a brave and smart woman! Never really thought about my own textures! Great work!

jacki long said...

Nice work Miss Marilyn!
You just grow and grow. I love your colors, and of course have a soft spot for BOP's. I like your abstracts as well.

I went to theKim link, but it would be good if you could advance to the next photo by clicking rather than opening each one at a time? Or, am I doing something wrong? (Very possible) I did like the barn bit didn't get through many. Also, loved the birds earlier!
Hope to see you soon.

Cathy Spivey Mendola said...

All your photos are GREAT. My favorite though is the very first one. It's perfect! ANd I love your gingko brushes. Works great with the photo.
I will have to check out the class you're taking. The texture work is amazing the way you inserted it in various places.

Lissa Forbes said...

Marilyn, thanks so much for visiting my blog! I love it when you come to my party!!

You have don each a nice job on your images here. The Buddha pic is wonderful. The texture(s) and patterns really enhance it. I especially like the orange "Breathe" image. It is quite vibrant. I also noticed you used one of your pattern images for your email button. Sweet!

Thanks for sharing you talent and experiences from new lessons. ;->

Anonymous said...

I love your first piece since I too collect Buddhas and I am crazy for ginkgo trees. I plant one in every house I live in! The only tree to survive a nuclear blast!

Linda Kittmer said...

What fun. I love all of the different images. The first is my favourite for its peacefulness but I love some of the vibrant colours in many of the others.

Leovi said...

I love, interesting and beautiful photos, textures and stunning colors. Greetings.

Sherri B. said...

Oh wow, these are all wonderful! I will have to check out this class you mention - it sounds like fun. Thank you for sharing!

Kia said...

Lovely images, the Buddha one is wonderful. :)

Evelyn S. said...

I'm echoing "Wow" to your beautiful images...and beautiful textures!

Anonymous said...

Love the top photo of the silence! You don't see alot of the grey tones in textured it.
Laurie @ Pride in Photos

Ahayes1225 said...

Very nice and so different.

Lisa Gordon said...

These are wonderful, Marilyn.
I love the way you composed the first one.