Monday, August 20, 2012

Using My Paintings as Textures

I saw this tutorial on Melissa Gallo's site and I fell in love with the look.  I was so ready to buy every

 painted texture she had.  I stopped for a breath and realized I could do something like 

her examples using my own paintings.  If you don't have your own paintings, do consider buying her

 outstanding textures.  I may still buy them.  And by all means watch her tutorials.  Here's what I did.  I 

used this original painting

over the image

and played with filters, blend modes, levels to get this

I then converted the painting to black/white and upped the contrast.

I added my image which I had converted to B/W as well.  Then I played with filters and blend

modes. Also added layer mask and removed a bit of the "texture".

I like the stark graphic look of this.

And here's one more where I used a texture from Karen of Vintage Findings.

and the texture for the image below I made from taking one of my photos and using 

the impressionist brush on it.

It keeps the colors and washes them around to give an  impressionistic effect.  On both of these I

 removed a bit of the texture but left some because I like the effect against her skin.

I plan to do this with more of my paintings.  Do I hear the call of my "real" brush???


Geri said...

I've done this before too - It can really add a lot to a photo! Lovely!

Leovi said...

These compositions are lovely full of some pretty creative processed.

Lisa Gordon said...

Beautiful work, Marilyn.
These are wonderful!

Evelyn S. said...

Oh, you are an artist! I don't paint at all,but I certainly appreciate others' work!

Evelyn S. said...

P.S. Are you familiar with Pixel Dust Photo Art, the blog? If not, I recommend it.

Sherri Cassell said...

Hi Marilyn, Thanks for the great idea, those images are fabulous. I can't wait to use some of my paintings for this technique.

Ahayes1225 said...

Very nice. Visiting from BTS.

sheila said...

How fun is it to find you can create your very own textures from art you have already created? I found the same thing not only from paintings I've done, but also from everyday objects (including ones in my bathroom!) I really like your painting and all the cool effects you made with it.

smiles, Sharon said...

Good morning...You have some great posts on your blogs these past days. The photo textures is pretty cool. I keep asking myself why do I purchase textures...there are many complimentary ones and use what I have!!! You asked about Ann's class. I haven't gotten into the last you think the whole thing will close down on September 1. Just hasn't been a big enough priority on the to do/want to do list. And now my daughter has broken her toe, and can't manage the baby! What was to be a week of promise will be a week of mercy and aid. I might not get to Ann's class. Such a shame. But I am glad you are accomplishing so much and sharing it. Love your five things about self, Linear Burn, etc. The nice thing is that you don't overwhelm with too many posts. Happy medium is what I always hope for, but tend to do "too little." Ah, at least the sun is shining and the day beautiful. A great week to you. Sharon