Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Couldn't Wait…..

to try this technique.  I saw a sample on  Angela Pound's Flickr site and she was kind enough to give credit to the site where she found the tutorial.
The tutorial for the "artsy composite technique" can be found on the aA website here.  It was a guest post from Ana Brown whose work can be seen here.  The aA website appears to be oriented to scrapbookers, but the tutorials are fairly sophisticated and can be applied to other artistic forms.  Some fun things to purchase and lots to explore on the website.
Here's my take on the technique…..
I printed out the instructions as they were quite lengthy.  I want to practice on this technique to improve my painting with a brush in PS.  I'm happy with this for a first attempt.  Just for fun, I edited the rose again using just Topaz Simplify filter.  You can see it on my Flickr site.  It looks somewhat similar but not as complex.
~ Calm ~


Kim Stevens said...

It's beautiful!

Jacki Long said...

Beautiful Marilyn! ♥

Barb said...

Awesome !!