Sunday, February 16, 2014

DLP - Week 3 and More

It has taken me so long to complete this assignment.  We're on week 8 already, and I'm still on week 3.  So…….I made an executive decision.  I'm doing week 3, 4 and 5 on one spread.  
Week 3 - Add an envelope from mail
Week 4 - Write a secret message
Week 5 - Add a doodle border
The envelope was from Humane Society of the United States.  It had the cutest squirrel on it and when I opened the "return mail" envelope it had butterflies inside.  I added this envelope as a tip-in and decorated it with more butterflies.  I added little dots as a border to the spread and my "secret" message is in white writing which is almost undetectable.  On to the next week!!
I finally decided on my word for the year.
It's a state of mind that I need to focus on for well-being.  There has been so much stress in my life the past couple months.  I realized that I haven't played with my art much.  Art keeps me centered and calm.  I vow to play art every day if I can.  It's my form of meditation.
~ Peace ~


Jacki Long said...

Great! I am sending you a "calm" mail art this week, I promise! ♥

libbyquilter said...

an excellent idea using the catch-up prompts all together and it's a great spread~! full of color, life and fun.

i've managed to get behind on the Journal52 project as well . . . love the creative stretch of dealing with prompts but wish i had more time to play.