Saturday, February 08, 2014

DLP Week 3

Week 3 calls for adding an envelope to a page.  I'm making mine a tip-in.  I haven't done tip-ins but it's time for me to try it.  I'm using a piece of junk mail.
I'm so far behind on my Documented Life Project, that I'm going to combine Week 3 and Week 4 which calls for adding a border around a spread.  
I've been looking at this spread just like this for two weeks because I've been stuck.  So here is the beginning of this spread.  I threw my ink dyed hands in so you can all see how much fun ink sprays are.
I'll post my image again as soon as I've added the tip-in.  
I placed an envelope in the lower right corner, but I think we are supposed to repurpose a piece of junk mail for this challenge.
~ Peace ~  


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