Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Glorious Imperfection

I love the term "Wabi-Sabi" - perfect imperfection.  According to Wikepedia, "The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is imperfect. impermanent and incomplete".  Life is so 
wabi-sabi, so it makes sense that we would see the beauty of imperfection.
In week 4 of Be Still, Kim edited a photo similar to this one, and I have followed her lead as far as the edit..a bit different but with a similar effect.  I started in Lightroom with some adjustments to clarity, contrast, saturation.  I tried many presets but in the end I did not use one.  I shifted over to Photoshop and added three layers of Kim's "Dusty Rose" on soft light blend at 72% brushing it off the cut glass vase and a bit off the rose.  I think it would be fun to do a whole series of wabi-sabi flower photos.
For the image  below I did edit in Lightroom as well and used a preset "Touchof Drama".  I took it into Photoshop and added a layer of Kim's "Daisy" from the Downton collection and one layer of "Sweettart".  I added a slight faded vignette. 

~ A beautiful thing is never perfect ~
A proverb quote

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Jacki Long said...

so beautiful Marilyn, you're a "PRO!"

EarlK said...

Wonderful. Love the way you cropped the second image.

Michelle B said...

Wonderful processing. I do love the perfectly imperfectness of the dried rose. I usually forget that I can keep taking pictures of the flowers even when they are past their prime. Beautiful!