Friday, March 20, 2015

Long Way to Go

Finally here is face #15
You may recall some time ago I started my "100 Faces" project.  I certainly got sidetracked.  Nothing new about that.  Happens all the time.  This is only #15!  I wasn't going to post her because…..guess why?  She's not good enough?  How am I ever going to be good if I don't practice?  So, I'm forcing myself to post the not so good with what I consider good.  Her eyes are a bit wonky, but my eyes are a bit wonky too!  In fact I bet everyone's eyes are a little wonky.  Don't we all have one foot that's just a tad larger than the other?  The great thing about the way Dina Wakley does her faces….she always uses Gesso on her pages….for more than one reason.  It's a great foundation for acrylic paint.  But it also is great for drawing with the Stabilo All #8046 pencil.   I usually just scribble over lines if they're not in the right place, 
but I can use a baby wipe to remove the pencil.  No gesso, no 
"erase".  I promise to try another face today or tomorrow.  And if I remember, I'll tell a funny on myself in relation to my word for the year - give.
~ Give ~


Jacki Long said...

I think she is TERRIFIC !!!
It's the unusual that attracts our eye, and I always love the unexpected. I love her!

Barb said...

Marilyn, oh, to be able to draw/paint a face that beautiful - I can't even consider such a thing - you're mega talented!

Barbara said...

She is beautiful