Sunday, May 20, 2012

Anna Update

Okay I just got my computer home.  Apple replaced the hard drive -- they were kind enough not to charge me even though I'm a few months out of warranty.  This is because the problem had been ongoing even before the warranty was up.  They had it all documented.  I'm whizzing along, so everything seems to be in order☺☀☺.  Yay!!!
For those of you with Macs, have you ever wondered if Time Machine is really backing up everything?  Well, I have.  I'm here to testify that all has been restored from Time Machine to the new hard drive.  Not a thing missing!!  You know how these things go -- nothing is ever easy.  They tell you that all you need to do is plug in, turn on and then tell it to restore from Time Machine.  For some reason I seemed to be caught in an endless loop that would put me right back at choosing "restore from Time Machine". I called the tech people and they helped me get it up and running just perfectly.  They are truly so customer oriented -- very nice to work with.
Haven't had time to do any photo edits so I decided to do an update on Anna.  She continues to exhibit her real puppyhood!  Can't focus for long and is easily distracted.  I laughingly say that we should named her "ADD-ie" for Attention Deficit Disorder This previous statement is null and void, however,  if she sees the crow sitting on the fountain.  Then she is totally locked in visually!!
She and Ollie play every day like two little kids....
She  also loves playing with toys.  She will take a toy out of the basket and play with it for a few minutes before abandoning it to return to the basket for another toy.  After an hour or so, all the toys are lying in either the family room or our bedroom.  Of course she doesn't put them back.....that's for me, the maid, to do...... right?
Here I caught a couple shots of her pretty little face.

She says "Bye for now, but I'll be back!!"


Carole M. said...

beautiful photographs of your pets Marilyn; and the finale photo is sooo sweet. You could forgive her for not putting her toys away.

Crack You Whip said...

She is a gorgeous dog! I have one German Shepherd puppy and a second GS puppy I'm taking care of for a friend. They play so well together that I think they will be depressed when they have to part.

Deanna said...

Well, Anna is one beautiful her sweet face. And my dog Toby, does exactly what yours does with toys, all out, but never returned. Thanks for stopping by!!

Kelly said...

That 4th photo of your pup speaks Volumns. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I LOVE my Mac!

geetlee said...

Glad to hear that your computer is fixed and running smooth. My laptop is slowly dying... it's not long before i'm in the same boat. haha
You have such lovely pets! These are priceless shots :)