Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I was too late for Kim's Texture Tuesday so rather than posting at the last minute Tuesday afternoon, I decided to play around with Bonnie's (Pixel Dust Photo Art) instructions for the previous week's Photo Art Friday challenge.  I used her "Everything is Illuminated" texture and tried various filters and blends based on her work.

I also worked with French Kiss textures on this rose image.  Leslie has some wonderful tutorials on her website.
and then used different filters including the "find edges" filter to get more of a sketched look.   I also used Bonnie's "Abstract 
Scratches" here and removed a bit from the roses.
This coming week for Photo Art Friday we can either do something with a bokeh or any photo art we desire.  I better get working on that.

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Electra said...

That first image is spectacular! (although I like the others equally well) :-)